Overview of the charity
  • Beyond the Wild is a Catholic charity based in the UK.
  • Beyond the Wild addresses and seeks to reverse the current trend of young people losing their Catholic faith throughout their teenage years by fusing together wilderness and spiritual survival.
  • Since 2012 we’ve been offering unique wild camping retreats and events teaching people how to survive in the wild and how the fire of their faith can survive and thrive in our world.
  • Hundreds of young people have already experienced Beyond the Wild’s wilderness retreats with our talks, retreat days, and workshops in schools, parishes, and dioceses reaching thousands more.
  • Beyond the Wild has had a global outreach through our online resources including a “Beyond the Wild” episode of “Real Life Catholic” filmed in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado which aired to millions of viewers on EWTN and Amazon Prime.
  • Beyond the Wild has been endorsed by leading national and international Catholic figures.
  • Beyond the Wild is led by Will Hince who brings together 10 years professional Catholic youth ministry experience with his background as a soldier, skilled bushcraft instructor, and wilderness expedition leader.
Becoming fully alive and fully who we were created to be as children of God.

Beyond the Wild takes people away from the world and into the wild, leaving behind a world of noise and technology to experience wild camping in private woodland without access to mobile phones, electricity, gas, or running water.

Participants learn how to cook their food over an open fire, how to find and purify water, how to build shelter, and how to make fire by friction. They experience a dependency on the woodland around them which draws them into a oneness with nature and there in the beauty of creation we draw them into an encounter with the beauty of the Creator through opportunities for prayer, daily Mass, youth-led Eucharistic Adoration, catechesis, Sacred Scriptures, and Confession.

In a dynamic, positive, and understandable way we draw parallels between wilderness survival and spiritual survival to teach participants how their faith can survive and thrive beyond the wild.

As well as running Beyond the Wild, Will Hince cares for his son, William, who is 5 years old and has Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease.

Because of William’s care needs and health complications Beyond the Wild is currently focusing on developing resources and delivering talks and workshops rather than courses to carry out its mission.

Become a part of the mission

Through our courses, events, and resources Beyond the Wild has reached out to thousands of people seeking to ignite the fire of divine love in their hearts.

To carry out this great work we depend completely on the generosity of our benefactors and Mission Partners.

You can support Beyond the Wild with a one-off donation or by setting up a Direct Debit.

To find out more about Beyond the Wild and our work drop us a message.